Find The Best Hardwood Floor Cleaning Service For Your Home

hardwood floor cleaning service

Looking to make your wood floors shine but not looking forward to doing it yourself? Finding a professional hardwood floor cleaning service can take a big burden off your to-do list, but what exactly should you expect from this service?

More than simply a mop and bucket, professional hardwood floor cleaning services use specialized techniques and products to restore your wood floor’s original warmth and beauty. And you get to put your feet up and relax—sounds pretty great, right?

However, you should think twice about just calling the first wood floor cleaning company that comes up on Google. Let’s discuss what to look for to ensure you pick a reliable hardwood floor cleaning service.

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Why Do I Need a Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning Service?

You might be asking yourself: Why can’t I simply keep my floors clean myself?

You certainly can, but consider that dirt, grime, dust, and other allergens are microscopic, and your basic at-home cleaning products, vacuum cleaners, and mops can’t eliminate them from your wood flooring.

A quality hardwood floor cleaning service might be the best option for deeper cleaning than you can achieve on your own.

What To Look For In A Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning Service

If you’ve decided that hiring a professional company to clean your floors is the way to go, you should know what makes for a quality hardwood floor cleaning service. Look for the following criteria before giving any of them a call.

Deep Cleaning Equipment And Processes

You’re seeking a deeper clean than you’d get with just soap and water, so make sure the companies you’re thinking of calling use professional equipment that isn’t harmful to wood.

Companies like Sandless in Seattle take excellent care to ensure that the cleaning products and equipment used in your home are safe and effective and only work with eco-friendly materials. Every employee is trained to the highest standards to produce industry-leading results on hardwood flooring.


Professional floor cleaning requires the know-how and experience of skilled technicians. Look for wood floor cleaning services that can readily answer your questions and explain their cleaning processes clearly.

Most quality hardwood floor cleaning companies use specially trained technicians who are experts and understand the appropriate techniques for various hardwood floors, from oak to cherry.


Protection And Preservation of Your Hardwood Floors

After spending hard-earned money on a cleaning job, the last thing you want is for a company to use chemicals and cleaners that can harm your wood floors. Some companies even offer post-cleaning coatings or sealants to help protect your floors.

Before you sign on with a company, make sure they have a plan in place not just to get your floors clean but to preserve them, too.

You’ll find that a company specializing in floor maintenance and wood care typically prioritizes safety and a thorough knowledge of appropriate solutions and sealants.

FAQs about hardwood floor cleaning service

Is professional hardwood floor cleaning worth it?

Absolutely. Especially if your wood floors look dingy or have lost their shine. Trained professionals use specialized cleaning solutions and techniques that aren’t typically available to the average homeowner, making this kind of cleaning a worthwhile consideration. You’ll often be able to select different cleaning methods depending on how thorough you want the cleaning to be or your budget.

How can I maintain my hardwood floors between professional cleanings?

Regular sweeping or vacuuming, using mats at entryways and area rugs, and promptly cleaning up spills can help maintain your floors. Avoid using harsh chemical cleaning solutions and excess water.

How do professionals clean hardwood?

Professionals clean hardwood in many different ways. Although it’s common for trained professionals to thoroughly clean hardwood by removing loose debris, professional cleaners understand what methods work best with various floor finishes and materials.

Some professionals use steam power to help remove tougher stains. Professional cleaning often involves not just getting rid of dirt and grime but gentle buffing or polishing that helps to revitalize wood flooring.

What is the best way to clean really dirty hardwood floors?

Professional cleaning will offer the best results. When selecting a service, ask if they remove wax or offer specialty services for deeply embedded grime.

Most experts suggest not doing any extensive scrubbing on hardwood. Although a mild soap mixed with water and a barely damp mop are acceptable, keep in mind that leaving too much water on wood flooring for too long can ruin its surface or lead to warped floors, causing problems down the road.


Elevate Your Hime with Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning

A professional hardwood floor cleaning service can remove one of those dreaded household chores from your list. Just make sure you’ve chosen the right company for the job to get those beautiful wood floors spick-and-span.

Do this, and your floors might just inspire that long put-off home remodel, making your sense of enjoyment soar.

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