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How We Deep Clean and Protect Your Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) in Seattle and Surrounding Areas

Welcome to Sandless in Seattle, your premier destination for Luxury Vinyl Tile Floor Cleaning in Seattle. Our expert team specializes in transforming and preserving your floors, ensuring longevity. Learn our commitment to excellence and the pristine beauty of your LVT flooring with us.

Cleaning and Maintaining LVT Luxury Vinyl Tile by Sandless in Seattle

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Installing LVT in your interior design project has several advantages, one of which is its user-friendliness. It is effortless to maintain, extending the life of your design and investment.

However, choosing the right equipment and procedures for cleaning vinyl flooring can be challenging so that it lasts well past the warranty period. Fortunately, we are authorities on all things LVT and have put together a simple manual on how to care for your LVT.

Tips for Cleaning LVT

Let’s start with the fundamentals and define LVT.

Numerous flooring solutions are available, each claiming to be the best, most elite choice for business or home flooring. However, there is just one real LVT. LVT, which includes tile, plank, and other LVT alternatives, is a hard surface flooring material that is now more resilient than other hard surface options. A resilient vinyl backing, photographic film layer, emboss layer, and protective coating or wear layer are the components of LVT.

The lack of a need for floor wax in the wear layer is one of the fundamental factors that make LVT, so simple to polish and maintain. However, using an acrylic finish on it does help. And there is a significant distinction between the two. Each floor wax application, typically made from carnauba wax, calls for specialized buffing machinery, and that’s where Hardwood Floor Revival can help. When vinyl composition tile (VCT) is placed initially, wax must be used to give the VCT a finish. VCT does not have the same finish out of the factory as Luxury LVT does. That finish needs to be regularly scraped and rewaxed. VCT flooring is frequently utilized in hospitals and schools under the mistaken assumption that glossy indicates cleanliness. This gloss creates a misleading sense of cleanliness.

In contrast to wax, which is more solid and is buffed onto the flooring surface, acrylic finishes are often liquids and applied with a mop and bucket. Choose a finish that the manufacturer suggests for areas prone to scratching or scuffing. While by no means necessary, a properly applied acrylic finish offers a protective layer that can increase the luster and lifespan of the floor.

LVT Cleaning daily

Even though LVT is naturally scratch-, scuff-, stain-, and water-resistant, the optimum upkeep requires simple cleaning techniques. Brooms, vacuums, and mops are the most common cleaning items that work well for LVT.

Regular dry sweeping of LVT is advised, and spills should always be attended to as quickly as possible. You can avoid dings or scuffs on the floor by clearing away trash and grime. The most remarkable technique for cleaning a little more thoroughly is mopping using a two-bucket setup.

Using a two-bucket approach, you can wash the floor while preventing cross-contamination and spreading dirt by using one bucket with a neutral cleanser and another with water.

LVT Deep Cleaning

Accidents sometimes occur in commercial settings like hotels, clinics, and multi-family homes. There are deep-cleaning techniques that can assist restore your flooring to its former state if this happens and your flooring is stained or scratched.

We advise using a powerful flooring cleaner for stains.

There are a few solutions available for dents and dings. A little polishing occasionally works, depending on the depth of the mark. After cleaning the area, you can apply a finish or vinyl flooring sealer, which will most likely conceal any tiny to medium scratches. There are also spot-repair products available that can take care of more extensive damages.

How to Prevent LVT Damage

Knowing how to prevent damage to your LVT is useful now that you know how to clean LVT. Add floor castors to the bottom of chairs and tables as one solution. The wear and tear caused by chairs moving back and forth over a floor frequently can be reduced with castors. Use walk-off mats at entryways as another suggestion to prevent weather-related wetness, dirt, and debris from being tracked in.

How to Repair Deep Scuffs and Scuffs

It is advisable to replace the affected area of LVT tile with new tile if there is a severe scratch, such as a gouge, cut, or dent. This technique is relatively simple. It’s advised to order an additional 5–10% of the square footage of LVT when placing your original order, so you have enough on hand for necessary repairs. If you don’t have extra planks or tiles, ordering replacements from the manufacturer shouldn’t be a problem.

Other methods include learned techniques like using a red pad to massage the scuff mark away or wiping the scuff mark with a tennis ball on a stick. An acrylic finish, when properly applied, can assist reduce the aesthetic damage from deep scuff marks that harm the wear layer.

Common Questions Regarding LVT Maintenance

These are a handful of the often asked queries regarding how to care for and clean LVT. Always refer to the technical specifications provided by the manufacturer of the LVT you are using in your project or location if you have any questions. You don’t want to nullify a guarantee by utilizing destructive cleaning chemicals because each has particular characteristics and recommended methods.

Should I Use a High-Speed Burnisher to Bring Out the Gloss on My Acrylic Finish?

No. Your flooring’s wear layer will be destroyed by a high-speed burnisher that can penetrate it. It is advised that you buff your LVT’s acrylic finish at a slow pace to bring out the shine. Delamination, which results from separating layers, can also be brought on by high-speed buffing.

Can specific flooring designs conceal wear or stains?

LVT offers a variety of design alternatives that help to conceal flaws. A fantastic approach to assist in visually hiding traffic lines, scratches, or dust is to choose LVT with numerous colors, tints, or textures in its design. Naturally, you’ll encounter some staining or dirt-mark difficulties with a light- or dark-colored LVT product. However, the distinction is that spills and dirt on LVT can be easily removed.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that LVT, like all other hard flooring products, is subject to regular wear, particularly in high-activity areas. Contrary to the different flooring options available today, LVT is simple to clean regardless of spills, stains, scuffs, or scratches. Utilizing high-quality finishes to protect your flooring and adhering to maintenance schedule recommendations are crucial to reducing damage.

If your Luxury Vinyl Tile requires professional cleaning and sealing, please get in touch with the experts at Sandless in Seattle.

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